what to eat

June 26, 2020

What about Sweets?

Sweets are made by God for the enjoyment of mankind. Proverbs 24:13 says, “Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.” God made the sweet to adorn the food—your bagel in the morning or icing on your cinnamon roll...
June 25, 2020

Should We Avoid Salt?

We are the salt of the Earth, according to Matthew 5:13. This used to be a compliment to people. It meant that they added flavor and enhanced the world around them. Now that salt has been on the hit list for the last two decades...
June 23, 2020

Moderation Versus Overindulgence

Weigh Down continues to endorse moderation in one’s consumption of food or substance. One can overdose on or overeat raw carrots and become ill or suffer ill side effects from even this practice. Because our goal is to imitate Thin Eaters...
June 19, 2020

What about Food Allergies?

True food allergies should be respected. For instance, if you are allergic to certain seafoods, then by all means, do not eat them. If you know you have a milk sensitivity, listen to your body and limit your milk intake. You will know your own sensitivities, hungers, and nutritional needs...
June 16, 2020

A Healthy Variety

All foods have varying combinations of these six units: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, vitamins, minerals, and water. Your main need is for energy or fuel to run the body. We have made selecting foods into something complicated, burdensome and worrisome...
June 14, 2020

How to Have a Balanced Meal

For the most part, all the food groups contain the six basic nutrients. For example, when you eat a piece of bread, you think you are eating just a carbohydrate. No, it is largely a carbohydrate, but it also contains proteins, fats, water [H2O], vitamins, and minerals...
May 30, 2020

The Secret to Permanent Weight Control and Good Health

Another example of a common nutrition concern… Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for normal metabolism, but some of the potential health benefits of supplementation are controversial yet are marketed widely, in spite of inconclusive evidence...
May 29, 2020

The Key to Good Health and Nutrition

As a rule, Americans are not missing vitamins. So many foods are fortified or enriched with extra vitamins and minerals, and your body can cue you to a variety so that you need not worry about what you eat...
February 6, 2020

Learning to Eat Smaller Amounts

[:en]How are we going to approach the food once we do get the green light or feel this hunger? The first thing you do is you think and pray and start looking for answers from within. [:]